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Common Residential Plumbing Problems To Avoid

By   2016-04-20

Professional plumbers are called to different homes for various types of plumbing problems. Thus, these plumbers have come across everything you think can go wrong in your water and sewerage systems in your home. According to Santa Ana plumbing, some problems occur frequently than others. You should learn how to avoid such problems by addressing common plumbing mistakes.

Common plumbing mistakes

Use of wrong tools or equipment

Using improper equipment or tools when fixing clogs. This is a common mistake many homeowners do. There arehbt3g6t4y37u37ua5t6yu28i several plumbing tricks you can apply to unclog your drain. You need to know the tools that best fit the job at hand. For instance, use of drain snake to unclog your toilet can cause damage to toilet bowel. You are advised to use a plunger. If it fails to work as required, you can try an auger. This tool is mainly designed for the toilet. This can save you money some hundreds of dollars used to purchase a new toilet.

Overloading garbage disposal

You should note that garbage disposals are designed and built to take one item at a time. Overfilling the garbage disposal can make it easily overworked or jammed. In most cases, you will get wrong items are getting their way down into garbage disposal. These units are designed to handle only small food scraps. However, fibrous and starchy foods such as celery, rice, pasta are quite problematic. This is because they tie up blades of garbage disposal, which causes a jam.

Flushing your garbage down the toilet

This is a common mistake that leads to plumbing problems. In fact, a lot of homeowners treat their home toilets as garbage cans. Thus, they flush various products such as facial scrubs, cotton balls, paper towels, paper towels, and many more. If you find standing water in your shower, this means that the water is not draining as required. This leads to future clogging in your drain.

Excess weight on fixtures

If you decijmk37yr5t7u2ia9akde to put hanging objects on showerheads, you need to be careful about their weight. This is because the excessive weight is like to cause problems to plumbing fixtures and it can damage them. You should avoid putting a lot of weight together.

Ignoring minor plumbing mistakes

One thing you must know is that plumbing mistakes can never fix themselves. In fact, they just get worse with time. If you continue ignoring them, you will notice more damage, which they cause.